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No Doubt, Indebted.

No doubt, indebted.  To what seemed an eternity but can't compare to a true forever. To a world of hurt, trading bliss for wisdom like coins for a chance to win, and finally.. Jackpot.  To many attempts, dos & don'ts.  Tries, and tried.  Love lost, before love gained.  To inaudible laughter, and piercing screams.  To the farthest reaches, and the closest grasps.  Mountaintop, and valley alike Tread on, persevere your hike.  To the going there, and not the getting there.  From seeing the light, to being the light.  To infinite, from finite,  To lose my solidity, and become formless.  I must not see, to gain my sight.  But perceive in new ways, to gain Insight.