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See Source

I have a knack for seeing Source within people and often times I’ve found that my ability to see it within them makes it easier for them to find it within themselves.  Regardless of the actions, emotions, or thoughts that they’ve reflected into their life, try to spot it. Every single thought, word, and experience is significant down to the most minute and intricate detail. We just become lost in all the distraction of the surface. Everything we think we experience is not as it seems and for most at the surface the reasons we believe for these experiences are nothing but excuses of the mind trying to make sense of the experience itself. It’s so beautiful when you realize that you can only experience things to the level of depth that you are ready to comprehend them.  Who we think we are is just a result of the reflections from others that we have experienced. We are all just resonating and most people operate at a level of automatic and responsive resonance. So when we com