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ART from the heART

    Music is a magical constant. It is so infinite. True music does not get created, it creates you. So remember to tune in with an observant ear, and behold light in the form of sound. I have spent so many years coming to new understandings of what music really is, and to me music isn't music without soul. I write and sing from the soul.     The SOUL is one of the biggest keys in arranging dynamic sounds; and being dynamic is KEY to becoming a worldwide sensation. If you want to reach people on a level that is truly unexplained, then channel ART from your heART.    Delve deeply into the understanding of the self, of YOU. The deeper you go, remember to never lose touch with the surface. You are covering inner grounds for the sole(SOUL) purpose of expressing it on the outside with the PURITY ONLY FOUND ON THE INSIDE. I am. I am you. You are him/her. WE ARE ONE.      Listen to the heart, even if at first you only hear a beating. It is this energetic muscle that you must learn t

Spiritual Thoughts pt 3

         Of course Blavatsky has brought up some points that I don't necessarily agree with, but her understandings of the seasons and cycles that repeat throughout the universe really intrigues me. It led me to study the Kabbalah and connecting those ideas with Druidic principles of cyclic patterns really opened my eyes to seeing a bigger picture.                    My whole album is really centered around the different aspects/forms of love packaged uniquely in each song and sequentially tells a story of coming to understand unconditional love. T he album name is also Egyptian:  "Sa.Me". Sa being a symbol representing the protection of the youth which is what my entire musical movement is based upon hence PlayGround Entertainment: "Building a world within tomorrow. A world that is meant to be a playground, and not a learning ground." Because our faults lie within and we reflect these into every facet of our experie nce.          Through seeking, discipli

Spiritual Thoughts pt 2

      Firstly, I am very theosophical in my beliefs, and many would consider my ideas pagan at the core; but I do believe in Jesus Christ as the savior of mankind and only through him and his tale of ultimate forgiveness and compassion can one "level up" in consciousness. But just like everything else in the world, religion has too been pervaded for a long time. Heaven and Hell are states of mind. Furthermore, they are dimensional states of consciousness: thus the truth behind so-called "prison of the mind".        When I was 15 I had a lucid dream that changed my life forever. This is a story I will go in depth on later but for now to say it simply the dream was more real than reality itself. That feeling terrified me and changed me, but more importantly left me to ponder for years what I had experienced. When I was in college I explained the experience in full detail to a friend who then told me to just google my experience. I found very many stories that matched

Spiritual Thoughts pt 1

              I feel that the soul cannot be killed . It is eternal. One of the many differences between eternal and immortal is that immortal has a beginning, whilst eternal always was. I have thought a lot about red pill and blue pill lifestyles and I am by far a purple-piller. I feel that this is the best way to enjoy the surface view of life that we are presented while still being able to have the depth of imagination that really does turn things into beauty (where nothing can become something).               So the basics: the chakras are energetic centers of the body that transport through your biological energetic grid or meridian system. The meridian system is what acupuncture is based from: using the needles to pinpoint the vertices of the grid where blockages have occurred. The chakras are a column of energy-spewing centers that run from the crown of your head down to your feet. The energies that these chakras are spewing are each of a certain range of frequency, thus chang