ART from the heART

    Music is a magical constant. It is so infinite. True music does not get created, it creates you. So remember to tune in with an observant ear, and behold light in the form of sound. I have spent so many years coming to new understandings of what music really is, and to me music isn't music without soul. I write and sing from the soul.

    The SOUL is one of the biggest keys in arranging dynamic sounds; and being dynamic is KEY to becoming a worldwide sensation. If you want to reach people on a level that is truly unexplained, then channel ART from your heART.

   Delve deeply into the understanding of the self, of YOU. The deeper you go, remember to never lose touch with the surface. You are covering inner grounds for the sole(SOUL) purpose of expressing it on the outside with the PURITY ONLY FOUND ON THE INSIDE. I am. I am you. You are him/her. WE ARE ONE.
   Listen to the heart, even if at first you only hear a beating. It is this energetic muscle that you must learn to SURRENDER to, in order to ACHIEVE your greatest potential. Do NOT let others potentiate a reality for yourself that is not desirable at their benefit. MANY WILL TRY, consciously and subconsciously. Remain AWARE, and you will remain PROTECTED.

   All love,
         - the Kid


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