See Source

I have a knack for seeing Source within people and often times I’ve found that my ability to see it within them makes it easier for them to find it within themselves.  Regardless of the actions, emotions, or thoughts that they’ve reflected into their life, try to spot it. Every single thought, word, and experience is significant down to the most minute and intricate detail. We just become lost in all the distraction of the surface. Everything we think we experience is not as it seems and for most at the surface the reasons we believe for these experiences are nothing but excuses of the mind trying to make sense of the experience itself. It’s so beautiful when you realize that you can only experience things to the level of depth that you are ready to comprehend them.  Who we think we are is just a result of the reflections from others that we have experienced. We are all just resonating and most people operate at a level of automatic and responsive resonance. So when we com

No Doubt, Indebted.

No doubt, indebted.  To what seemed an eternity but can't compare to a true forever. To a world of hurt, trading bliss for wisdom like coins for a chance to win, and finally.. Jackpot.  To many attempts, dos & don'ts.  Tries, and tried.  Love lost, before love gained.  To inaudible laughter, and piercing screams.  To the farthest reaches, and the closest grasps.  Mountaintop, and valley alike Tread on, persevere your hike.  To the going there, and not the getting there.  From seeing the light, to being the light.  To infinite, from finite,  To lose my solidity, and become formless.  I must not see, to gain my sight.  But perceive in new ways, to gain Insight.

Collector of the Journey

A deeply driven mind, will be lost. Always gone, & always at home All together  To bring the different parts of myself I've found in so many places Creativity as a collective and individually. A deeply driven soul will stay slightly insane, drowning in knowledge. Ofttimes I question if maybe bliss was the greatest sacrifice for knowledge as Adam & Eve lived flawlessly before the tree of knowledge be eaten.  Realizations we come to grow us more mature and reveal more pain.  A deeply driven soul is one complex extension in a larger, more complex, novel of beings. Each having our own meaning. We wrote our own stories and many will never be read. I'm a collector of necessary, a collector of hurt. This be my collection of knowledge. I'm a collector of myself, finding another part again and again in my constant travels where my true home lies: collector of the journey. 


Align yourself with feelings of Gratitude for this is one of the highest frequencies to resonate with. From a mindset of Gratitude it is quite easy to properly manifest and also great for clarity. I would suggest to possibly begin a Gratitude Journal so that daily you can hone in on this frequency and saturate in it's power. Affirm every morning the things you are most grateful for and hold these in your heart as a reminder throughout the day that everything will work out in it's own time. The Gratitude Journal is simply a list of experiences, feelings, things, etc. of which you're grateful.

Movement of Energy

       Inspiration comes and goes. Experience the moment and flow with it. I love the Taoist principle of learning to become fully aware, and unaware simultaneously. Ascend in spirit, and consciousness by calling forth an increase in your own personal light quotient (a gradual increase of course as to not damage your physical body). Use visualization to hone in on the movement of energy all around you. Clear your aura of psychic debris to gain more clarity. It was discovered years ago that a huge portion of our DNA actually does emit light. This is called bio-photon emission, and it was actually discovered that the more light the "junk DNA" emits, the higher the efficiency of the cells.      Thanks for tuning in.                   Om Mani Padme Hum                                      I am.                                                          yours truly, the kid.       I'm your big brother.

ART from the heART

    Music is a magical constant. It is so infinite. True music does not get created, it creates you. So remember to tune in with an observant ear, and behold light in the form of sound. I have spent so many years coming to new understandings of what music really is, and to me music isn't music without soul. I write and sing from the soul.     The SOUL is one of the biggest keys in arranging dynamic sounds; and being dynamic is KEY to becoming a worldwide sensation. If you want to reach people on a level that is truly unexplained, then channel ART from your heART.    Delve deeply into the understanding of the self, of YOU. The deeper you go, remember to never lose touch with the surface. You are covering inner grounds for the sole(SOUL) purpose of expressing it on the outside with the PURITY ONLY FOUND ON THE INSIDE. I am. I am you. You are him/her. WE ARE ONE.      Listen to the heart, even if at first you only hear a beating. It is this energetic muscle that you must learn t

Spiritual Thoughts pt 3

         Of course Blavatsky has brought up some points that I don't necessarily agree with, but her understandings of the seasons and cycles that repeat throughout the universe really intrigues me. It led me to study the Kabbalah and connecting those ideas with Druidic principles of cyclic patterns really opened my eyes to seeing a bigger picture.                    My whole album is really centered around the different aspects/forms of love packaged uniquely in each song and sequentially tells a story of coming to understand unconditional love. T he album name is also Egyptian:  "Sa.Me". Sa being a symbol representing the protection of the youth which is what my entire musical movement is based upon hence PlayGround Entertainment: "Building a world within tomorrow. A world that is meant to be a playground, and not a learning ground." Because our faults lie within and we reflect these into every facet of our experie nce.          Through seeking, discipli