Spiritual Thoughts pt 3

         Of course Blavatsky has brought up some points that I don't necessarily agree with, but her understandings of the seasons and cycles that repeat throughout the universe really intrigues me. It led me to study the Kabbalah and connecting those ideas with Druidic principles of cyclic patterns really opened my eyes to seeing a bigger picture. 
         My whole album is really centered around the different aspects/forms of love packaged uniquely in each song and sequentially tells a story of coming to understand unconditional love. The album name is also Egyptian: 
"Sa.Me". Sa being a symbol representing the protection of the youth which is what my entire musical movement is based upon hence PlayGround Entertainment: "Building a world within tomorrow. A world that is meant to be a playground, and not a learning ground." Because our faults lie within and we reflect these into every facet of our experience. 

        Through seeking, discipline, and faith we come to know the detrimental thought forms that hinder our process of manifestation that we have accrued throughout our lifetimes and only THEN can we truly take responsibility for our own actions that have caused suffering within and around us. To exist on this material plane takes a very rigid structure that we must free ourselves from. It is this understanding that ignites the power to really break-free from the negative patterns that repeat within our lives and exert a sort of flowing control over our own destiny. 


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