Collector of the Journey

A deeply driven mind, will be lost.
Always gone, & always at home
All together 
To bring the different parts of myself I've found in so many places
Creativity as a collective and individually.
A deeply driven soul will stay slightly insane, drowning in knowledge.
Ofttimes I question if maybe bliss was the greatest sacrifice for knowledge as Adam & Eve lived flawlessly before the tree of knowledge be eaten. 
Realizations we come to grow us more mature and reveal more pain. 
A deeply driven soul is one complex extension in a larger, more complex, novel of beings. Each having our own meaning. We wrote our own stories and many will never be read. I'm a collector of necessary, a collector of hurt. This be my collection of knowledge. I'm a collector of myself, finding another part again and again in my constant travels where my true home lies: collector of the journey. 


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